Mission Compatibility

  • Our products can be used as an additional tool for Rapid Intervention Teams who may need to create a path out of a structure when conducting rescue operations.
  • They can also be used for brush fires and rural structural fires as an additional tool during water
    shuttle operations.
  • Our products can be used for those moments police officers are faced with a dumpster fire or are first on the scene of a structure fire.
  • Our products can be used on the ground by personnel as an additional tool to suppress fire.
  • Our products can also be used by rotary and fixed winged aircraft.

Our products can be made to fit any platform currently used by the military.

  • Aerial and ground operations in support of forest firefighting.
  • Naval and aerial operations in support of oil rig and ship fires.


At SycoTech, we have developed a projectile that when shot into a fire suppresses and extinguishes it. The projectile is bio-degradable and can be launched by any current military ground, air, or sea-based system.

All our projectiles are constructed out of a tough bio-degradable plastic. The interior contains a bio-degradable pressurized container, which can be surrounded by any of the currently used fire suppressants. When the pressurized container is released, it will disburse the suppressant on the fire, helping to displace the oxygen from the fuel. It will also interrupt the chemical reaction in a fire allowing for the removal of three of the four elements in the fire tetrahedron.