SyCo Tech

At Syco Tech, our mission is to protect the Protectors – those Public Safety Professionals, First Responders, Military Personnel, and relief organizations who risk their lives and well-being every day to keep us all safe. We’re on the front lines ourselves, so we know what’s needed to make a difficult, sometimes near impossible job easier.

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I have served as a firefighter, a fire apparatus operator, and a fire captain. I commanded and led numerous fire ground incidents and rescues. As a paramedic, I treated a countless number of people in need of medical attention.

I served as a police officer where I trained officers in hostile event mitigation, emergency medical care, I participated in metro area task forces, and served as the department firearms instructor and armorer. I also served as a police sergeant where I led other officers in mitigation and de-escalation of numerous incidents.

I have been on the Frontlines, in the trenches, even before becoming a professional first responder. I have always had a passion and commitment to serve my community, my country, and my brothers and sisters on the frontline; my commitment to protect them, save lives, and protect property is unwavering.